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System accreditation involves evaluating the school district against a cohesive set of standards that provide the process for sustainable continuous improvement. Brevard Public Schools, through the commitment to achieve and maintain system accreditation, engages in a process of continuous review and refinement of the systems and the processes in the school district. The analysis includes how each process contributes to the mission of the school district: To serve every student with excellence as the standard. Brevard Public Schools was first awarded accreditation as a school district in 2005.  This system-wide accreditation was renewed in 2011 and the system is currently seeking renewal for a second time.


Yearly, schools in the system self-evaluate to determine adherence to the AdvancED standards for quality schools, which require a vision and purpose, effective leadership, data based decision-making, and rigorous curricular offerings. The school district monitors compliance with the standards and provides the guidance necessary for all schools to engage in a school-based process of continuous improvement.  This year school district stakeholders, both within and outside of the organization, were provided opportunities to participate in the activities of standards work groups for the purpose of evaluating the level of system performance in the indicators for each standard.


Renewing system accreditation will validate how well all parts of our education system – the central office, schools, and classrooms, work together to meet the needs of students.  The process provides a comprehensive framework for continually improving student achievement and school district performance. We look forward to hosting the External Review Team and to sharing our process for ensuring systemic, continuous improvement.